Photo by Robert Altman From PJ Corkery of the San Francisco Examiner

THAT WAS indeed Tammy Faye Bakker, backed by a 40-voice choir, singing gospel in a Noe Valley back yard yesterday. Tammy Faye was the guest of honor at ad man Bob Pritikin’s perennial, and perennially odd, Labor Day bash. Bruce Bellingham caught the scene: “Tammy Faye dazzled the socialites and screwballs with her graciousness, her cheeky sense of humor, her svelte figure and her performance, backed up by the Jubilee on Fire choir from San Jose.”Continue Reading

Thank you for your letters. Always remember, that we cannot answer correspondence that does not contain a self addressed stamped envelope. Continue Reading

Let it be known that on this Day, Oct. 31, XXXIV Annos Satanas, Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey’s eldest daughter Karla LaVey has founded the “First Satanic Church.” After two years of mourning, legal entanglements, and rumors, High Priestess LaVey has returned to continue where her father left off, vowing to take Satanism into the twenty-first Century.Continue Reading

As it is the anniversary of my father’s death, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have expressed your sympathy and encouragement, and given of your time and efforts, during this period of mourning and transition.Continue Reading