Karla LaVey and The First Satanic Church proudly present the 24th Annual Black X Mass Show.

Monday, December 25th, CHRISTMAS NIGHT.

@Knockout in San Francisco, 3223 Mission St.

The admission price is $13 at the door, ages 21 and above. There will be giveaways and the usual complimentary free snacks.

This year’s acts will be SNATCHER, CLASS OF ’77, SUICIDE QUEEN, KUL, RUBBER (() CEMENT, THEREMIN WIZARD BARNEY & DJ KrOb. Karla LaVey will emcee the event.

The show will begin at 9 P.M. sharp! Doors will open at 8:30 P.M. with unique recordings chosen specifically for this occasion, spun by eclectic DJ KrOb (of Radio Valencia). He’ll be followed by the blast off for the evening with eerie sounds from the wizard Theremin Barney’s latest homemade contraption. This year’s specialty instrument is composed of soldered metal pyramids. His short set will be followed by the nothing short of amazing, experimental noise meets surrealistic cardboard sci-fi, the world renowned, highly acclaimed duo RUBBER (() CEMENT. Brace yourself… They could exorcise any holiday demons left within you. After this shocking spectacle will be keyboardist, KUL, with his dark, ambient and soothing tones.

We look forward to SUICIDE QUEEN, the diabolical industrial metal trio from Oakland and L.A., starring the sinister Kay Delores, the bewitching Scarr Kevorkian and the mysterious Ron Graves, who will all be flying the Satanic colors.

Next up, on our variety show, rock out with Chelsea Rose’s energetic, high spirited band, CLASS of ’77, playing classic punk and new wave favorites from that year. Band members include guitarist Pauli (formally w/ Chelsea in White Trash Debutants), bassist Carmela (Slapmatics) and Ian (The Nerv) on drums.

Last but not least, ending the show will be the incredible, exciting, kick ass crowd pleaser, SNATCHER, featuring the remarkable Kristi Kremes on vocals and guitar with talented bassist Jenni Coppertone and skilled drummer Pally Ramirez.

Jenni Coppertone and Kristi Kremes performing at a previous Black X Mass.

At the Knockout 3223 Mission St. in San Francisco

Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church presents the 23rd Annual BLACK X MASS, an unholy variety show, open to the public, featuring unique music and film! Last year’s (23rd) show was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic but will return this Christmas night, featuring SUICIDE QUEEN, CLASS OF ’77, VERTACYN ARC MATERIALIZER, SNATCHER, GEORGE MICHALSKI and more… The event will begin at 9 p.m. with eclectic DJ KrOb, mysterious sounds from THEREMIN WIZARD BARNEY, KEITH & CHELSEA UNPLUGGED, award winning pianist/composer – GEORGE MICHALSKI, weirdness from VERTACYN ARC MATERIALIZER, bewitching SUICIDE QUEEN, punk rock highlights from CLASS of ’77 and Oakland based girl band SNATCHER will complete the evening. Karla LaVey will emcee. 

INCLUDED will be a SNEAK PEEK premier showing of “FLARE: Dusk of My Demon Brother”, a documentary art film on underground filmmaker KENNETH ANGER by Zebulon and Mr. WA. 

Free snacks included. 

$13. Admission

Ages 21+ older.

Please be prepared to bring proof of your Covid vax as it may be required by the venue for entry if there is a surge in the area. Of course masking is always welcome. 



This would have been a great show. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to the next BlackXMass.


THE KNOCKOUT – 3223 MISSION ST. / SAN FRANCISCO – 9 P.M. (Outdoor patio for added safety.)

$10. admission/ Must be 21 or older. Masks and proof of Covid vaccination required.

Due to the Covid pandemic we missed our 2020 event but we’ll be returning to The Knockout* this December 25th, Saturday, Christmas night. Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church presents the 23rd Annual Black X Mass which will feature many special guests.

The show will include long awaited performances, one by San Francisco’s very popular crooner, the sensational SVENATRA singing “Witchcraft” and other well known tunes. Another will be a rare solo act by prolific madman JOHN TRUBEE (of Ugly Janitors of America, “Satan Killed Me Today” etc.) with his wild, Zappa inspired, electric guitar stylings.

Legendary Punk ‘n’ Roll duo BITE unplugged with Chelsea Rose and Keith entertain with kick ass vocals and ripping guitar. Another rocking underground favorite and consummate crowd pleaser, SEXSTAR with the vivacious Kristi Kremes will headline. Theremin Wizard BARNEY will begin the live music show playing one of his self-made creations producing eerie harmonious sound effects.

Eclectic, versatile and intuitive DJ KrOb will start off the evening with a phantasmagoria of recorded musical selections and video.

There will be freebies, cupcakes etc. Special low Covid show price $10.- Must be 21 years or older. Masks and proof of Covid vax are required as per San Francisco mandate. Be there or be square! * 3223 Mission St., San Francisco (The venue now has an outdoor patio for added safety!)



Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church presents the 22nd Annual Black X Mass on Wednesday, December 25th at 9 P.M. at The Knockout, 3223 Mission St. in San Francisco. Live music and entertainment will be performed by Sexstar, The Yes-Go’s, Bite unplugged with Chelsea Rose and Keith, SUICIDE QUEEN, Theremin Wizard Barney and DJ/VJ KrOb. Free snacks. Giveaways from Reality Check TV. $13. 9:00 P.M. 21+

This year’s 21st Annual Black X Mass show on Tuesday December 25th will feature FROM HELL, SUICIDE QUEEN, BITE, SEXSTAR, THEREMIN WIZARD BARNEY and DJ/VJ KrOb. Karla LaVey will emcee and Reality Check TV will be there with giveaways. Yes, there will be the usual free Devil’s food snacks! This will be our final show here before the historic Elbo Room in San Francisco closes it’s doors forever. 9:00 P.M., 21+ /admission $13.

Karla LaVey and the First Satanic Church present the 20th Annual BLACK X MASS – 2017.  It has become a tradition on Christmas night in San Francisco.  It’s a show, a party and a celebration… There will be  performances by SEXSTAR, FROM HELL, BITE starring CHELSEA ROSE, special guests SUICIDE QUEEN, Iron Maiden Tribute band – BITS OF SICK, THEREMIN WIZARD BARNEY and video/music by DJ KrOB… KARLA LA VEY will emcee the event. There will be free party snacks, Devil’s food of course.  ACE ANNESE of REALITY CHECK TV will dispense some rather amazing giveaways. The public is invited to attend. (21 and over) $13. cover. The event will begin at 9 p.m… Don’t miss a thing!

Where: ELBO ROOM – 647 Valencia, San Francisco


An Ungodly, Unholy Variety Show

If you’re in San Francisco on Christmas night don’t miss the 19th Annual Black X Mass, an evening of non-stop music and entertainment. This event is open to the public. Everyone is invited to come and have a devilishly good time. It’s a show. It’s a party. It’s fun for everyone! (Over 21, that is.) There will be free food and giveaways.

Acts will include: SEXSTAR, FILTHY VICTORIAN, Chelsea Rose & Crazy Keith of BITE (unplugged), SUICIDE QUEEN, THE WASTEDEADS, MOM the deranged Mouseketeer, THEREMIN BARNEY WIZARD, and video collage by KrOB. The show will be emceed by Karla LaVey.

Where: Elbo Room – 647 Valencia St.(between 17th & 18th St.) in San Francisco’s Mission District
When: Sunday Dec 25, 2016
Time: 9:00 P.M. sharp! Many acts to fit in!
Cost: $10. Age: 21+

Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church presents the 18th annual Black X Mass on Christmas night, December 25, 2015 at the Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St. in San Francisco.  Acts will include FROM HELL, BITE, the WASTEDEADS, FILTHY VICTORIAN, THEREMIN WIZARD BARNEY and WYLIE CABLE. 9 P.M., 21+, $10. Free food and giveaways as always.

Karla LaVey’s
First Satanic Church presents the 17th Annual BLACK X MASS

Christmas night, Thursday, December 25, 2014
Elbo Room 647 Valencia St at 17th St., San
Time: 9:00

With Appearances by:

KrOB (video and keyboard)
Theremin Wizard Barney
PACHUCO CADAVER (Captain Beefheart
BITE (the Band)
Wylie Cable
Zanna Nera
Monichi Fumi (dancer/ performance
Riki Chen (guitar/song)

There will be free snacks and giveaways!

21+ $10 at door.