An Open Letter

As it is the anniversary of my father’s death, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have expressed your sympathy and encouragement, and given of your time and efforts, during this period of mourning and transition.

My earliest recollections are of my father being a forensic photographer, going out on calls to accident and crime scenes. By the age of 22, he had a wife and child to support while already having made a living as an organist, calliopist, artist and animal trainer. These professions brought into focus the glaring contrast of man’s brutality with the natural instincts of animals and the innocence of small children. This destroyed any idea in his mind of a benevolent God, and paved the way for a modern Satanic philosophy in which animals and children are respected.

His wisdom taught me to question at an early age, and as a child I chose this philosophy out of logic. In his first book, The Satanic Bible, the semantic meaning of Satanism is adversary or opposition to all hypocritical religions which frustrate and condemn man for his natural instincts. It is not the celebration of evil.

My father’s death is a tragedy and a loss. He was the closest person in my life and I, along with many others, miss him profoundly. He lives on in the hearts of those who hold him dear, and will long be remembered for his music, sense of humor and creative versatility. Through his works he will remain a part of our lives, giving us guidance and inspiration.

I am determined to continue, in every way I can, to uphold and expand on his ideals, his teachings, his traditions and his visions. I call on others to do the same.

Rege Satanas,

Karla LaVey
29 October XXXIII Anno Satanas

P.O. Box 475177
San Francisco, CA 94147-5177

P.S. The building sometimes referred to as “the Black House” is no longer owned or occupied by anyone affiliated with the CoS or myself, and has not been for quite some time. I would appreciate any personal correspondence to be directed to the address above.

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